Guru Explorers is an excellent option when it comes to discover Peru

Guru Explorers is a responsible tourism agency, aware of the impacts that tourism has on local populations. Therefore, the agency is committed to offering high-quality tourism, tailored to the client and respectful of the environment, as well as the living and working conditions of its collaborators and the communities where it works.

Guru explorers

The firm´s values are the following:

  • Integrity: This includes honesty and transparency in business practices and a commitment to providing accurate information to clients.
  • Customer-focused: A strong focus on meeting the needs and expectations of clients, and providing them with the best possible travel experience.
  • Responsiveness: A willingness to respond promptly and effectively to customer inquiries, concerns, and feedback.
  • Expertise: A deep understanding of travel destinations, products, and services, and a commitment to staying up-to-date with industry developments and trends.
  • Attention to detail: A focus on ensuring that every aspect of a client’s travel experience is well-planned and executed, from the initial booking to the return trip.
  • Reliability: A reputation for delivering high-quality services consistently, and a commitment to delivering what is promised to clients.
  • Innovation: A willingness to embrace new technology and innovative solutions to enhance the travel experience for clients.
  • Cultural sensitivity: An appreciation for the cultural differences and needs of clients, and a commitment to creating inclusive and respectful travel experiences.
  • Environmental responsibility: A recognition of the impact of travel on the environment, and a commitment to promoting sustainable tourism practices.
  • Community engagement: A focus on supporting local communities and promoting responsible tourism practices that benefit local economies and preserve local cultures.

Respect for the environment, for Pacha Mama, is not an option for the agency, but rather a life imperative, always. At the firm, they respect their origins, their roots and they want to proudly share them with their clients and make them discover new, unknown realities that the international travelers need to learn so they can respect and appreciate, in order to contribute to the development of a more sensitive and responsible society.

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The agency´s sense of professional responsibility and personalized service allows it to provide you with unique experiences, creating new travel itineraries and better services to meet your highest expectations. The agency´s guides arrive where others do not arrive, being able to show you places that are not very explored.

The firm is highly recommended by its clients, who rate them as a reliable, responsible, friendly and safe travel agency. Committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience, it has the following advantages:

  • Travel advisor, knowledgeable about all destinations in Peru.
  • Professional guides, with extensive knowledge of Inca history and culture.
  • Good hotels; selected and inspected to provide you greater comfort.
  • Clean and safe tourist transport with friendly drivers.
  • Buffet lunches and dinners specified in each travel program, including Peruvian culinary delights and international cuisine.

At the firm, they offer different options regarding accommodation.

Economic (3-star hotels): these hotels have practical rooms, with private bathrooms with hot water, some furniture next to the bed, such as cabinets, tables and chairs. They also commonly have a basic TV and telephone in the room.

Standard (superior 3-star hotels): these hotels have more comfortable rooms, with good furniture, TV, private telephone, spacious and comfortable bathrooms with hot water; they are comfortable but not excessive. Some offer room service most of the day.

Superior (4-star hotels): these so-called superior or first-class hotels, with well-furnished and well-decorated rooms, have a better structure for guests, with hair dryers and various courtesy products in spacious bathrooms, TV, and minibars.

Deluxe (superior 4-star hotels): these hotels have larger rooms with beautiful decoration outside and inside the hotel, with good furniture, TV, minibars, private telephone. They have spacious structures and common areas where you can enjoy inside the hotel, spacious bathrooms with various courtesy products and sometimes with a bathtub. They have top-of-the-line restaurants and bar service, with many chefs, as well as a spa and laundry service.

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Deluxe (5-star hotels): these hotels include the most luxurious. They are resorts or hotel chains with constant customer service. Rooms with decorative touches from the city and large beds, top-of-the-line furniture, TV, minibars, private telephone with international calls, patios and large common areas, spacious bathrooms with various toiletries and hair dryers, restaurants and bars. Some also have a sauna and swimming pool for exclusive use.