Fabulous services offered by the company Zircon.Tech

The company Zircon.Tech offers fabulous services within the IT realm. Among other services, we can find Cloud services, Blockchain development, IoT and AI. Keep reading to learn about these amazing services.

The firm provides amazing blockchain services. Smart Contracts, NFTs and DApps: autonomy, security and transparency guaranteed by blockchain technology. With blockchain technology, the firm is rewriting the world one DApp, one NFT, one Smart Contract at a time. The firm is among the first companies to understand the potential of these new technologies and to implement projects based on them. Its projects start where the needs of modern businesses intersect with the advanced features of blockchain technology.


The firm creates decentralized applications (DApps) based on blockchain systems. Its experts test its correct functioning to make sure that data security and confidentiality are ensured in each executive phase.

Also, they develop Smart Contracts, built on EVM and deployable on Polygon, Ethereum and other compatible systems. They write them, test how they currently work and fix any bugs, to ensure transparency, traceability and automation.

Additionally, they develop customized and unique Non-fungible Tokens, to be distributed on the market. This way, you can take advantage of the potential of NFTs, from retail to logistics.

At the firm, they follow complex projects both nationally and internationally, with tangible successes, to eliminate all borders. Thanks to decades of experience in the field of software development, they have all the necessary skills to create cutting-edge blockchain solutions. They have hands-on experience with various blockchain projects and with the digital transformation of companies. To have long-term success with their clients, they do their best to help them achieve the desired results in the most appropriate way.

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The firm also provides amazing cloud services. It offers you everything you need to manage your company in the cloud, in an easy and fast way, with no investment needed. The idea of Cloud Computing is simple: the various “products” that we are accustomed to using from our workstations are now enjoyed via the Internet as a service, without worrying about technological complexity, without the need to invest in new skills, without the need to buy and manage onerous IT infrastructures and all the problems connected to them. The firm is expert at developing private clouds with different cloud servers. The process is simple: they configure your server, choose the operating system and activate the service.

The firm has been providing cloud related services for years and offers highly reliable solutions that allow companies to concentrate on their business without worrying about the management of the technological infrastructure. The consultancy approach combined with a reliable and flexible Cloud infrastructure allow the firm to propose solutions that are always aligned with the actual customer needs.

The firm is also expert at IoT analysis. Its experts help enterprises and software product companies derive actionable insights from IoT data by implementing robust IoT analytics solutions and offering IoT analytics. This way, you can leverage IoT analytics insights to make data-driven decisions and drive your business growth. At the firm, they see IoT as a powerful tool that drives digital transformation. They have been providing full-cycle IoT services for several years to help companies catch the wave of digital transformation.

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They have also strengthened their offer with a wide range of IoT consulting services. Their consultants are ready to share their knowledge and practical skills to help you create the right IoT strategy for your digital transformation project or find the best approach to evolve an existing IoT solution. Whether you’re embarking on your IoT journey or already are, their IoT consultants will help you make the most of new technology opportunities and align them with your business strategy.

The firm also provides AI Intelligent Solutions for your Company. It provides AI applications and integrations to support Communication and Marketing campaigns, as well as data analysis tools, as interpreting the data can be difficult without proper tools.

They are also experts at designing conversational Systems. No one has time to answer everyone. Conversational systems are designed for when the customer demands a quick response.

Thanks to its development constant acceleration, artificial intelligence has gone from a curious topic to a reliable daily tool, both in the military, medical and entrepreneurial fields. Its applications are countless depending on the sector, and the firm models them for your business.