Businesses that provide Xamarin Templates

In the world of mobile app development, Xamarin has become one of the most prominent and popular tools for cross-platform app development. Xamarin is a mobile app development platform that allows developers to create native applications for Android and iOS using a single codebase in C#. Founded in 2011, Xamarin quickly gained recognition and was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Since then, it has experienced steady growth and has become the primary choice for many mobile app developers.

Xamarin templates

Advantages of Xamarin Over its Alternatives

While there are several alternatives in the market for cross-platform mobile app development, Xamarin stands out for several compelling reasons that make it a superior choice. Here are some of the most notable advantages of Xamarin:

  1. Unified Programming Language (C#): One of the most significant advantages of Xamarin is that it uses C# as its primary programming language. C# is a modern, versatile, and widely used programming language that offers a wide range of libraries and tools. This allows developers to leverage their prior experience with C# and .NET for mobile app development, speeding up the development process and reducing the learning curve.
  2. Full Access to Native APIs: Unlike some cross-platform development alternatives, Xamarin provides full access to the native APIs of Android and iOS. This means that developers can fully utilize the specific capabilities of each platform and create apps with a high degree of integration and performance. They are not limited by excessive layers of abstraction.
  3. Native User Interface: With Xamarin, it is possible to create native user interfaces that look and feel like native apps. This is crucial for delivering a consistent and high-quality user experience. The controls and views provided by Xamarin translate directly into the native controls of each platform, ensuring an authentic appearance and behavior.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Having a single codebase for multiple platforms significantly simplifies app maintenance. When an update or bug fix is made, the changes are applied consistently across all platforms. This reduces the chance of errors and ensures that all app versions remain synchronized.
  5. Community and Ecosystem: Xamarin boasts an active community and a wealth of available resources. This includes open-source libraries, plugins, tutorials, and discussion forums. Developers can access a wide range of resources to aid in their development, making problem-solving and continuous improvement of the app easier.
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Below, we will explore five companies that offer Xamarin templates to simplify and streamline mobile application development.


Syncfusion is a leading company in the development of components and tools for mobile and web application developers. They offer a wide variety of Xamarin templates and controls, making it easy to create high-quality mobile applications with an attractive user interface and advanced functionality. Their templates cover various niches, from e-commerce apps to fitness tracking apps. Syncfusion stands out for its extensive collection of customizable controls and templates, allowing developers to easily tailor applications to their specific needs.

Xamarin Templates by Visual Studio

Microsoft, the company behind Xamarin, offers a wide range of templates for mobile app developers. These templates are integrated directly into Visual Studio, Microsoft’s IDE, further simplifying the development process. Developers can access templates for blank apps, Xamarin Forms apps, gaming apps, and more. Additionally, these templates are often updated with the latest trends and best practices in mobile app development.

DevCraft by Telerik

Telerik, a division of Progress Software, offers a development toolkit that includes Xamarin templates and controls. Their template set includes event apps, transportation apps, health apps, and more. Telerik focuses on providing developers with the tools needed to quickly and efficiently create engaging and functional apps. They also offer a wide variety of customizable UI controls that can enhance the user experience.


Infragistics is known for its development toolkit, which includes Xamarin templates and controls. Their templates are designed to help developers create mobile apps with a modern and appealing user interface. They offer templates for management apps, travel apps, social media apps, and more. In addition to templates, Infragistics provides rich and customizable UI controls that make it easy to create high-quality mobile apps.

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Xamalot is an online platform specializing in the creation and sale of Xamarin templates. They offer a wide variety of high-quality templates for different types of apps, including dating apps, news apps, food apps, and more. What sets Xamalot apart is its focus on the Xamarin developer community. They allow developers to sell their own templates on the platform, creating an active community and fostering collaboration among developers.


The use of Xamarin templates can significantly expedite the mobile app development process, enabling developers to create high-quality apps more efficiently. The aforementioned companies offer a wide variety of templates and tools that cover various niches and use cases. When choosing a company that offers Xamarin templates, it’s essential to consider your specific development needs and the quality of the templates offered. With the assistance of these templates and the tools provided by these companies, developers can create successful and visually appealing mobile apps more efficiently than ever before.